ACG D&C authorized by a famous Game Brand to reproduce Kid’s Game Card
13 October 2012

After being certified to reproduce digital publishing products with retail packing by European and American publishers, recently ACG D&C was awarded the certification of a well-known Japanese Game Brand with a history of nearly 60 years. ACG D&C was authorized to reproduce their digital publishing game cards for the kid’s market.

It indicates ACG D&C has proved capable of providing digital content duplication service and digital publishing retail integrated packaging service to Top Game Brands and Digital Publishers!


kids game card

ACG D&C launching new SD card targeting children's electronic toys market
10 September 2012

ACG D&C launching SD card with professional content service, aimed at children’s electronic market. The characteristic as below:

1) Low power: operating current
2) Stable built in one COB package technology
3) High effect and reliable content duplication
4) 100% test in client’s application


ACG D&C launching of USB3.0 flash disk which matches Win8 requirement
20 August 2012

ACG D&C is launching high quality USB3.0 flash disk which has fast speed, the most important thing is that exactly matches Windows 8 system requirement very well, and fully meet its specification, it also has good performance: written at 50MB/s and read at a rapid 180MB/s. capacity is over 32GB.

Based on its merits, USB 3.0 is bound to promote the transformation of the world's most popular PC interface.

We offer high quality USB3.0 flash drive with professional content service, welcome to contact us to know more details.


Windows 8

ACG D&C signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Toshiba Semiconductor Company!
01 August 2012

In the first half of this year, ACG D&C had signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Toshiba Semiconductor Company for small capacity SLC flash chip; we aimed at the future of the content storage market.

Welcome sends any inquiry to our sales department for a further cooperation.



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