Cost less, deliver more - ACG U-Card Released
27 March 2014

Combining advantages of both a slim postcard and a real USB drive, ACG released our creative new product U-Card. With various content storage capacity available from 128MB to 32GB and our professional mastering support, it’s designed perfectly for digital content delivery at a reasonable rate. Moreover, the super slim design helps our customers benefit from the lowest postage rate. Customizable design is available from the shape of USB handle to the whole card. ACG owns patent for U-Card design.



Special discount for the first order in ACG
26 February 2013

In order to attract the new customers try our products and service, our company launched a promotion: the very special discount for the first order, the details as below:




free delivery


Structural Reform Notice
09 January 2013

Here is a Structural Reform Notice:
Due to the rapid increase of our digital content business and related integrated packaging business, effective Jan, 1st, 2013, DTT P&C separated from our manufacturing unit and restructured as a division of Asia Commercial Group, it leads to our company name, business address and Bank Information changed, please kind note.

We thanks for all your help and support! Happy New Year 2013.


ACG D&C SD content card passed ST 2002 toy safety standard test in Japan
21 November 2012

Nov 12, 2012, ACG D&C’s SD content card for Japanese toy market successfully passed ST Certificate, which consists of a series of toy safety tests performed by Japan Toy Association (JTA). And JTA awarded the ST 2002 Toy Safety standard test report to us.

JTA was established in 1976, it's an organization constituted by the major toy companies in Japan. JTA performs Toy Safety related tests and awards ST Marks to commodities which passed ST Certificate.

With our high quality SD content cards being proved to comply with strict JTA safety standards, ACG D&C has been highly recognized by Japanese toy industries. 


ST 12


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