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Hardware & Compatibility Guidance

When deciding what type of product to use for an application, it is important to understand the features of different flash storage solutions.


Flash memory products are always designed to meet the compatibility request of standard I/O interface, such as USB ports on a desktop / laptop or SD slots on a branded DC / DV. But if they are used on a customized platform, compatibility issues may occur. They may be caused by micro-controller support, flash chip types, hardware design, or even that a customized firmware version is required.

In ACG, any application on customized platform will be provided with customized flash storage solution. By this way, any compatibility issue will be avoided since the first of your orders. In some cases, compatibility test is 100% performed on customized testers during mass production.







Flash Chip Selection

Different flash chip types are suitable for different applications as they have different features and costs. It's important and cost-effective to get your application a flash storage solution with proper flash chip inside. There are 3 types of NAND flash for content storage applications,
SLC (Single-Layer Cell) NAND Flash
MLC (Multi-Layer Cell) NAND Flash
TLC (Triple-Layer Cell) NAND Flash


Density Range & Cost

SLC:   32MB ~ 4GB, high cost
MLC:  512MB ~ 32GB, medium cost
TLC:   4GB above, low cost


SLC:      Min. 100,000 program/erase cycles per cell
MLC:     Min. 10,000 program/erase cycles per cell
TLC:      Min. 500 - 1,000 program/erase cycles per cell


Data Transfer Rate

SLC:    High
MLC:   Medium
TLC:    Low


Power Consumption

SLC:    Low
MLC:   Medium
TLC:    High


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