Company History
1995 The former ACP was established as a printing and packaging company.
2003 Asia Commercial Press (ACP) was established, specialized in providing optical media service.
ACP was authorized by Disney Music to supply Disney Music CD in Hong Kong.
ACP was authorized by McDonald Australia to supply CD products in local supermarkets.
2004 ACP was authorized by MEGA BLOKS to supply Dragon CD for MEGA BLOKS worldwide market.
2005 ACP developed the smallest 54mm CD-ROM product in the world and supplied mini CD bundled with standard drink tins in Japan.
ACP was authorized by Nestle Australia to supply encrypted DVD with NBC TV program Friends.
2006 ACP engaged in providing electronic media solution and service (USB and SD Storage).
2008 Joint venture DTT P&C was built, specialized in providing content service based on electronic storage media.
2009 DTT P&C was authorized by Japanese Educational Brand BENESSE to supply electronic storage media for BENESSE Japan.
2010 DTT P&C was authorized by Making Memories to supply series of retailed design card in the US.
2011 DTT P&C was authorized by SEGA Toys to supply series of game card in Japan.
2012 Integrating printing & packaging unit, storage media manufacture unit and content service unit into a group company, ACP was renamed as Asia Commercial Group (ACG).
2013 DTT P&C was renamed as ACG D&C and restructured into ACG as a core content operating division.
ACG D&C set up a separate enclosed and clean content workshop with high IP confidentiality, which ensures the safety of customers’ IPR from mastering to final retail packing.

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