Service Faith
service faith

We care about your Applications & Needs

As an electric content solution specialist, we care most any of your ideas and applications. We always take the most suitable solution with its cost into the consideration for you, and help you with the most appropriate solution according to your exact application.

We respect your Intellectual Property Rights

As a content duplication supplier, we devote the most respect on your intellectual property. We built and improved our intellectual property protection system covering each process of business & production in our company, which guarantees your intellectual property 100% confidential.

We guarantee your Content Quality

As a professional electronic storage media manufacturer, we developed the most stable hardware design and always use high quality original memory chip in case of any possibility of data loss. By cooperating with the top micro-controller suppliers in the world, we keep the best compatibility of our hardware with either common platforms or customer-designed equipments. Not only 100% byte-to-byte data verification is a must during our production, but 100% compatibility test is performed at our special-designed testers.