As an experienced electronic storage solutions provider and content service specialist, ACG is able to provide "one-stop" content services along with high quality electronic storage media.

Customized Content Service


There is an experienced engineering team in ACG, who can help you with your special content requirements. We'll work with customers on the unique content requirement from idea to delivery, as we know it's important to you even if it might be not popular at all. Here is an example to show how a customized content request might be,


Traceable Unique ID
In order to keep the content in flash storage media to correspond with appointed equipment, we were asked to set a unique ID inside and get it traceable. By presetting different CID, PID and unique SN inside and sticking a barcode label with corresponding information, we built a connection between the content inside and unique IDs. It's also easy to trace each product with a barcode scanner.

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